Saturday, January 1, 2011

A reminder from 2010


This  picture  shocked the entire world...

Aiysha was just 12 when she was married off to a Taliban fighter.  She was subjected to many atrocities. She was made to sleep in a stable with animals. She was caught while she was trying to escape the clutches of her husband. The punishment meted out for her mistake was horrendous. Her nose and ears was sliced off mercilessly and she was left to bleed and die in the mountains. But life gave her a second chance.When she gathered her consciousness, she somehow managed to reach her grandfather’s house from where she was taken to an American military hospital.

She also received an Enduring Heart Award for enduring  the worst ordeal of her life.

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  1. Those who have read "Blasphemy" and "The Kite runner" will know how it is.