Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lending a helping hand

Kochi: Selin Joseph may not be a known name in the social service field, but her ardent fervour to lend a helping hand to the needy has been acknowledged by the state government in the year 2011. She received state award on July 14, 2011 for organizing 21 blood donation camps in various parts of the district. Selin says that the image of an extended hand beseeching help has always troubled her right from her childhood. It was that restlessness that made her devote her life to social service.

Selin's active services cannot be confined to one particular section alone. She says that she does not believe in working for a specific section but for everyone who needs help.“ Wherever you turn, you can find someone looking at you for help. I could never be blind to such faces and sleep without a prick of conscience. Hence I pursued this difficult but rewarding vocation. I am destined to do this and I am happy pursuing the call of my life,” Selin says with a glint in her eyes.

Apart from it, She has become a messiah of hope for the scheduled tribes living in Ponganchodu tribal colony. “ Most of them are addicted to booze,tobacco and drugs and it is not an easy task to make them aware of its ill effects. You can talk to them only once in a week. Half of the week they would be deep inside the forest working and the rest of the days they are lost in liquor and drugs. We have just one day to talk to them and to make them sit all through our seminars and medical camps, we organize there. We also provide food for them during such occasions and they would willingly comply with us,” she says.

But despite taking such strenuous efforts, Selin says that her works are impeded owing to the unavailability of vehicles.“ The area is too hilly which limits our accessibility to such places. But I hope that this issue will be resolved soon as I have brought this issue to the notice of P K Jayalakshmi,Minister for Welfare of Backward Communities “ She has asked me to give it in writing,” she says.

To add another feather to her cap, Selin has so far succeed in procuring 1200 identity cards from the Central government to artisans and handicrafts labourers. “ This identity card is of immense help to the workers of this particular section. Central government is providing suffice compensation for them which can come handy in the wake of any serious life hazards,” she says.

Apart from her individual accomplishments as a social activist, Sanjo Welfare Centre Elanthikkara run by her has won state award as the best NGO and her other institution, Deepin Charitable institute of women has won an award from Youth welfare board four years ago.

published in The New Indian Express


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