Sunday, December 30, 2012

Celebrities to croon for ‘One Love’

Budding music composer P V Unnikrishnan has come out with a novel  initiative, a music album ‘One Love’, which will be a celebrity treat with   actors Suresh Gopi, Ananya and Sharanya Mohan lending their voice.  

P V Unnikrishnan, who composed the music for the songs in the album, says  the concept of a celebrity album sprouted from a casual talk which happened between him and his friend Vijay Madhav.

“We have already started working for ‘One Love’. Six melodies have already been composed which were penned by my friends Rajeev Alunkal and

Sreenath V P. Since Vijay is a good friend of Suresh Gopi, he discussed   about the album to him. To our surprise, he was willing to sing for us.   That is how the idea of celebrity album popped up,” he says.

Unnikrishnan says that he then held talks with many actors who expressed  their inclination to work with them. “That is how Ananya and Sharanya Mohan came to the scene,” Unnikrishnan says.

Other prominent singers in the album are Vijay Madhav, Mridula Warriar and Sudeep Karat. Besides singing solo songs, Vijay Madhav has sung the main   lead male portions of other songs along with Sharanya Mohan and Ananya. Unnikrishnan says the professionalism showed by the stars were amazing.

“When it comes to Suresh Gopi, there were no starry airs. He showed real professionalism and always came to the studio after learning the song well”.

Unnikrishnan started his career as a music director at the age of 19. He did several works like title songs for famous TV Shows Vodafone Comedy Stars,  Ranankanam ,Star Utsav, Neelambari, theme song for Malayalam TV USA and has    worked with renowned director M P Sukumaran for his work ‘Smaraka Shilakal’ and ‘Nangyarkoothu’ and the much-discussed docu-fiction ‘Ekaroopam’.

Though this is the case, Unnikrishnan is not fully satisfied with the current scene of music.

He says the current trend is that musicians need the backing of films.

“Our music is mainly recognised with films. It is a long wait for the  musician to get recognised,” he says.

Besides, he adds that the musicians are in a dilemma regarding what people really seek in a song.  “Recently  I made a Malayalam cover to PSY’s world hit Gangnam Style - ANNA KINNAM STYLE’ with my friend Nithin. It has been a few weeks and now it has crossed 86,000 views. Unfortunately, the real and serious music is brushed aside,” he laments.

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