Friday, June 3, 2011

Rain lands city in troubled waters

South Monsoon has hit Kerala on time. But the authorities are blind to what is happening in the city.This situation prevails not only in Kochi but all other districts.

KOCHI: The threat of an epidemic outbreak is looming large over the city due to severe water-logging and overflowing drains at several places.

   Many roads in the city and suburbs remain waterlogged as there is no proper facility to drain stagnant water. Though monsoon has hit Kerala, the district health authorities have not come up with any substantial steps to alleviate the woes of the people.

Health Standing Committee chairman T K Ashraff said, "We are convening a meeting on Friday. A decision will be taken to form a squad that would be responsible to deal with any situation arising in the wake of an epidemic outbreak. Health inspectors and junior inspectors will be members of the squad and they will strictly monitor the situation." K J Jacob, councillor, Gandhinagar, said, "A meeting was convened a few days ago to take preventive measures. Since then, no steps have been taken to prevent an epidemic outbreak."

"Water-logging is a common phenomenon during rainy season. But the water should drain out within an hour. If this does not happen, the risk of catching diseases is high as the stagnant water will get mixed with the sewage water. In my division, there is severe water-logging," he said.

He also said that as the district administration has not come up with a substantial plan, people are depending on homeo clinics for preventive medicines.

However, Dr Amritha Kumari, District Medical Officer (DMO), Homeo, said, "We are also giving medicines to boost the immunity level of a person."

Dr Sudhakaran, District Medical Officer (DMO), said, "We have come up with many awareness programmes that would educate the people. Information, Education and Communication (IEC) is one such programme. We have also put up many hoardings in several parts of the city to create awareness among  the people."

published in The New Indian Express

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