Sunday, December 30, 2012

A dam song: To Tamil Nadu, with love

What if Mullaperiyar breaks? This question has left many people from Kerala and Tamil Nadu without sleep. The thought of awaiting disaster is bringing out the pessimists in the people. However, there are some trying to make people think otherwise. That’s how a Tamil song‘Pesi Tholeda’ (Speak Out!) was penned down by some Malayalis. “It was not pre-planned. We used to hang out in Chandrettan’s (Chandrasekharan R) studio, where we shot this song, and used to have lengthy discussions on this issue. This song was an offshoot of those discussions,” said Ajay Rahul, lyricist of the song. Ajay said that they wanted a different song with different feel to lure the attention of both Malayalis and Tamilians. “Songs and albums based on Mullaperiyar issues is quite common and we could not follow the same path trodden by other people. Moreover, we wanted to provide a shade of positivity through our song. Hence, we decided on a fast number,” Ajay added.

Ajay said, while preparing the song the language and the feel of the song were given top priority. “We decided to use Tamil as it would attribute our feelings quite clearly to them. Moreover, the language we used is simple,” he said.

Ajay believes that it is easy to write something on the cause one really believes in. “It just took five hours to write the lyrics and to give music. The process picked up the pace when Jayahari did not take much time in giving music to my lyrics ,” said an enthusiastic Ajay.

The significant feature of this song is that though it is speaking of Mullaperiyar issue, no where in the song have appeared terms like ‘Mullaperiyar’ and ‘Dam’. “It was a deliberate decision to keep these two words out of this song to avoid any kind of offensiveness. Making this song a medium, we need the Tamil authorities to give in to the demand of Kerala to build a new dam,” said Jayahari P S, who composed the music for the song.

When asked about the lyrics, zealous Jayahari hummed the song “Machi, entra pesame irukke ( Why do you keep mum?) Namukku vendum oreyoru vartha thaan ‘OK’ (We need just a single word from you - OK, a nod to build a new dam).” “It’s a matter of life and death. Speak out! Machi before it is too late. This is what we want to convey through our effort,” Jayahari said. “This venture became fruitful when Santhosh Kumar T V agreed to lend his voice and Riju B Sarajan agreed to finance it,” they added.

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