Sunday, January 6, 2013

In search of oneself

From time immemorial, great minds were often stirred by the question of ‘Who am I’. But over the years, this search for finding oneself lost its significance as man became more materialistic.

However, reviving the same question’s long lost charm is artist Rajendran through his canvas ‘Who am I’. Through his work, the artist is on a mission to bring back the sense of oneness in man.

“As kids, we were more spirited and energetic. But as we grew up, we lost that ardor and started searching for that spark from around.

Unfortunately this search for happiness in life exerted more pain and pressure on man. At this juncture, the question of survival crops up and through my work, I want to say that there is every chance for survival,” says Rajendran.

Rajendran’s paintings are on display at ‘Sradha’ auditorium near Durbar Hall Art Gallery. He says that his works can not be purely classified into a painting exhibition as his works focus on a message.

“I used painting as a medium as I knew it. If I was acquainted with any other art form, I would have opted that to convey my message,” he says.

Rajendran has painted 21 portraits which will be systematically arrayed based on its priority to make audience aware of this concept. “It starts with a portrait titled ‘Birth’ and ends with ‘Unconditional Love’. The world has become too callous that the most pure process in life ‘birth’ is not given its due importance.

Sadly, detachment has crept up in the process,” he says. Rajendran says that the painting will help the viewer to get out of his cocoon of faith and face the reality. Rajendran says that, unlike other exhibitions, his works will stand apart with its different arrangement style.

“The music playing in the backdrop will also help the viewers to get a clearer picture of the work,” he adds. Apart from paintings, the artist has also done installations which speak about the ‘golden age’ that is yet to arrive.

published in The New Indian Express

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